3 Advantages of the Seepex Wobble Pump


If you just cannot decide which pump to use in your application, you may want to choose a wobble pump. Many industries and applications use the W class of pumps for their applications. Seepex Wobble Pumps are designed for almost all industries from agricultural to waste disposal to shipbuilding and everything in between. Its range of versatility makes it one of the most widely used pumps available. Here are the top three advantages of a Seepex wobble pump:

  1. The Seepex Wobble Pump is designed with simplicity in mind to make it easy to maintain and to keep costs low. The wobble pump has a single pump construction and is geometrically stable to increase efficiency.
  2. A single jointed rotating unit enables the pump to provide a rapid exchange of the conveying elements. This joint system used and created by Seepex has been tested and proven effective for over 35 years. There is no doubt that the Seepex system is the best of its kind. In addition, the parts are made of durable stainless steel or cast iron to increase the life of the pump and its parts.
  3. The short, compact silhouette with a block design saves valuable space when putting together any system. The machine may be small and compact, but its impact is mighty. The pumps pack thick stator cross sections with a unique design that eliminates stress on the risers. This increases the life of the parts as well as the pump as a whole.

The Seepex Wobble pumps, including motors, are always stocked and ready for shipment. Besides being one of the best pumps on the market today, you never have to wait around for one. Cortech ensures that all customers who are in need of this pump can order one when they want it and when they need it. We understand that your processes are important to keeping your business running smoothly, and the least we can do is provide you with the tools and equipment you need in a timely manner. Contact Cortech today to purchase a Seepex Wobble Pump\