What is a Peristaltic Pump?

In addition to many other types of pumps, Cortech carries a vast array of peristaltic pumps from multiple pump manufacturers. If you are looking to determine the best type of pump for your application, it would be beneficial to understand what exactly each pump is. One of Cortech’s most popular pumps is a peristaltic pump

A peristaltic pump is a pump designed with a flexible tubing that utilizes positive displacement to pump liquid. The pumping fluid is completely contained within the tubing ensuring the other components of the pump never come into contact with potentially hazardous or corrosive liquid. The pump is composed of a rotor that contains at least two rollers or lobes that are used to pump the liquid through the tube. A roller will seal off the tubing while the next one pushes the liquid through the tube and then allows the tube to release pressure and allow more liquid in. The rotor continues in a circular motion constantly pushing liquid through to the next phase.

The idea for this type of pump is as old as mankind – literally, it is how many biological functions work, particularly the gastrointestinal tract. Its non-biological use was first patented in 1881. Since then the peristaltic pump has been the most popular type of pump for pumping clean and/or sterile liquids or harsh and abrasive liquids. The reason for this is because the way that the pump is set up does not allow for cross contamination of liquids nor does it allow the liquid to come into contact with any outside components.

Many Cortech clients pump highly corrosive and abrasive liquids making the peristaltic pump the perfect pump for their applications. Cortech offers a wide variety of peristaltic pumps. Cortech is proud to offer the top brands in the pump industry to get you the best peristaltic pump available.