Improve Pump Safety and Performance with Proper Valve Selection

Maintaining a thriving pump operation is an impossible task if proper valve selection is falling by the wayside. The wrong valve can significantly hinder pump performance and cause serious safety concerns, including breaks, flooding, loss of suction, air pockets, and much more. Proper valve selection is one small step that’ll get your operation closer to […]

5 Tips to Improve Slurry Pump Performance

Whether mining, processing minerals, treating wastewater, or dealing with slurries, you need a specialized slurry pump system. Slurries are notoriously tricky to process–each has a unique density, viscosity, and mixed media characteristics. To achieve optimized results, you have to dial in your slurry pump system. Here are some tips from the slurry pump experts at […]

Seepex Hygienic Pumps for the Food & Beverage Industry

In the food and beverage industry, sanitary conditions are non-negotiable, requiring hygienic pumps for most processing duties on factory floors. And whether it be canning fruits and vegetables, distilling alcohol, or producing baked goods, you need pumps to match the specific task at hand–you need efficiency and cleanliness. Seepex is one of the world’s leading […]

3 Benefits of John Crane Dry Gas Seals

John Crane is a leading manufacturer of mechanical seals. They produce different seal solutions for a wide range of industrial and municipal pumping applications, including carbon captures and sequestration projects, natural gas compression, coal gasification, ethanol production, and fertilizer production. One of their uniquely specialized product categories is their dry gas seals. With John Crane, […]

Will Split Seals Improve Your Pump System?

Mechanical seal maintenance for pumps and rotating equipment is critical. From a preventative maintenance perspective, it’s a non-negotiable. Consider that seals are a common point of failure, especially when they are not properly maintained. Lack of adequate maintenance results in leaks and performance problems. One alteration many pump operators will consider is installing split seals. […]

A Complete Guide to PumpWorks ANSI Process Pumps

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) sets strict standards for pump equipment utilized in certain applications, most often used for chemical processing or transferring thin fluids like water and alcohols. They can also move fluids with or without solids, depending on the impeller type. These standards apply to specific pump types. ANSI standards prioritize pump […]

4 Applications for Sliding Vane Pumps

Sliding vane pumps feature a set of vanes that slide into and out of the pump rotor. As the pump driver turns the rotor, fluid, push rods, and centrifugal force create pressure. This causes the vanes to push outward and form pump chambers by pushing up against the inner bore of the pump casing. Fluid […]

How to Avoid Cavitation in Pump Systems

Cavitation poses a significant challenge for engineers and pump system operators. Unfortunately, the causes of cavitation can be hard to identify—proposing significant damage to the pump equipment and system performance. But is this detrimental occurrence avoidable? What is Cavitation? Cavitation occurs when vapor pockets form rapidly inside the process fluid before imploding. These implosions send […]

NPSHr and Vertical Pumps: What You Need to Know

Net positive suction head required (NPSHr) is one of the most important measurements for a pumping system. It allows you to set key performance standards and indicators for optimal operating efficiency. Of course, most pumps are horizontally oriented, and the method for determining NPSHr is standard. What about vertical pumps, though? How Do You Determine […]

How to Winterize Your Pump System

When you are located in a cold-weather area, winterizing your water pump system will prevent pipes from freezing, seals from cracking, and significant damage from occurring. Whether you are running the pump system or shutting it down for the season—even in areas with warmer climates—there are winterization strategies that will keep your pump system safe. […]

How to Minimize Shaft Seal Leakage

As a pump operator, you often have to troubleshoot problems. However, with more experience and extended use of pump equipment, you can start to anticipate issues long before they happen. One very widespread concern with pump systems is leakage between the shafts and mechanical seal sleeves. This area can be a weak point in many […]

Intelligent Chemical Metering Pumps from Milton Roy

MiltonRoy is well known for producing some of the best chemical pumps on the market. Their PROTEUS Series Intelligent Metering Pump is no exception. When you combine the PROTEUS metering pumps with their cutting-edge PROTEUS Communications Model, you get excellent metering control and accuracy. Chemical dosing is a breeze with this advanced pump technology! MiltonRoy […]