Benefits of the Vogelsang XRipper Grinder

Many DXP clients are switching to the XRipper Grinder from Vogelsang, as many other grinders just don’t offer enough consistency and durability.  Vogelsang raised the bar for industrial grinder systems when they introduced the XRipper. It offers incredible grinding and maceration results with a streamlined configuration that is easy to install and operate in any […]

Precision Pumps from Milton Roy

Milton Roy is a leading pump, mixing, and metering equipment manufacturer. They are known globally for exceptional products and precision-based designs. Milton Roy is the name to know when you need accurate results for demanding applications like chemical dosing. Industries & Applications Milton Roy chemical pumps and other processing equipment are utilized in various industries […]

7 Tips for Selecting a Portable Mixer

Fluid mixing is a common application needed for many fluid processing operations. Selecting the right mixer is just as important as which type of pump and system configurations are utilized. Your application may vary from requiring more vigorous agitation to only a gentler mixing motion. Some operations may even need a mixer with variable mixing […]

Improve Pump Performance with These Precision Packing Techniques

Compression packing has become a lost art in the pump industry. However, it can be very effective for certain equipment and processing applications. When done poorly, packing can lead to leaks and excess wear on the shaft. There is a way to pack properly and avoid these problems. Taking the time to do it right […]

How to Protect Bearings from Lubricant Contamination

Lubricant contamination is one of the most common causes of equipment failure. It can hinder pump system performance, lead to unnecessary downtime, and shorten the lifespan of valuable equipment. Lubrication maintenance should always be a top priority for pump operations. Maintaining the lubrication on your bearings and other lubricated parts is about more than periodically […]

ODS Diaphragm Pumps Offer Simple Operation and Dependable Performance

FLSmidth and Krebs Engineers produce one of the best air-operated diaphragm pumps on the market, the ODS Pump. It manages a wide range of liquids and slurries, has a leak-free operation, and a sealless design. The ODS is built for long-lasting performance and heavy-duty processing applications. Many operators find the ODS diaphragm pump superior to […]

5 Tips for Pumping Corrosive Liquids

Pumping corrosive liquids, abrasive materials, hazardous fluids, and harsh chemicals presents many challenges. Corrosive liquids degrade, damage, and even destroy specific pump system components. In addition, certain metals, plastics, and glass can experience significant corrosion when pumping these fluids and chemicals. There are several concerns when it comes to pumping corrosive liquids. First, your equipment […]

Sealless Magnetic Drive Pumps from ANSIMAG & HMD Kontro

Sealless magnetic drive pumps are very popular in the chemical processing industry. The sealless technology eliminates leak risks, which are crucial in chemical transfer applications. These pumps do not have seals that can wear out with time or be compromised because of excess heat, pressure, corrosion, or other challenging operating conditions. Therefore, the dangerous chemicals […]

Top 6 Benefits of Working with DXP Pacific

Whether you need stock pump equipment or want to design a fully customized pump system from the ground up, you need a team of experts you can count on every step of the way. At DXP Pacific, providing everything you need for any size project is our commitment to you. This is why we have […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Butterfly Valves

A butterfly valve is a device that allows you to achieve better flow control. The design uses a metallic disc that rotates a quarter-turn at a time around a fixed-stem axis. The 90-degree turns provide quick-action control between open and closed positions. In addition, the disc is generally sized equally to the internal diameter of […]

Why You Should Match Your Seal to Your Application

Numerous types of seal technology can be used in pumps and other rotating equipment. From simple seals to very complex mechanical seal designs, there are various options to understand and consider for your pump system. One factor that you must review is your processing application. The types of fluids or materials you are moving, flow […]

Discover the Sludge-Pumping Power of Vogelsang

Vogelsang has been a leading company in the pump industry for over 90 years. They have created many advancements in pumping, maceration, spreading, and biogas technology. Numerous industries use Vogelsang pumps with a special focus on wastewater operations. About Vogelsang Vogelsang manufactures dependable products to handle abrasive sludges and solids, such as specialized rotary lobe […]