Discover the Sludge-Pumping Power of Vogelsang

Vogelsang has been a leading company in the pump industry for over 90 years. They have created many advancements in pumping, maceration, spreading, and biogas technology. Numerous industries use Vogelsang pumps with a special focus on wastewater operations. About Vogelsang Vogelsang manufactures dependable products to handle abrasive sludges and solids, such as specialized rotary lobe […]

Benefits of a Variable-Frequency Drive (VFD)

There are many reasons why you may want to consider installing a variable-frequency drive (VFD) on your centrifugal pump system. Energy savings and operating efficiency offset the costs of adding a VFD—but not all pump systems require VFDs. Therefore, it’s critical to understand how to run your pump most efficiently. This article will help you […]

Your Guide to Pump Lubrication

Pump systems transport various materials, from water and chemicals to slurries and solids. Many different types of pumps use different mechanical processes to create suction and push liquids through the pump. For example, you have centrifugal pumps, diaphragm pumps, screw pumps, progressive cavity pumps, and many others. Each pump and system type will require specific […]

The Finer Points of Laser Pump Alignment

You can achieve optimal pump alignment—technology, technique, and laser alignment being paths to get you there. Keep reading to learn from DXP Pacific’s strategies.   Technology and Technique At DXP Pacific, we often utilize old-school manual pump alignment techniques in addition to high-tech solutions like laser pump alignment. Lasers offer unprecedented accuracy and speed, but […]

How Custom Pump System Design Can Save You Money Over Time

Considering the total cost of ownership (TCO) will help you select the best pump system for your operation—but what goes into this total cost?             • Equipment Purchase             • Customizations             • Installation             • Maintenance             • Parts Replacement             • Repairs             • Energy/Fuel Consumption             • Productivity Gains and Losses (Processing […]

Should You Upgrade Your Pump Casing?

In addition to selecting the proper pump type and size, consider the construction materials, such as pump casings, impellers, mechanical seals, and other critical components. These key pieces are manufactured with unique metals and coatings, so that each application and its liquids have appropriate parts. The proper casing helps protect equipment from premature failure while […]

Key Pump Challenges to Overcome in Extreme Operating Conditions

Some pump applications present more challenges than others. The environment around your pump system can have extreme temperatures, humidity, or weather patterns, while the processing fluids are hazardous, corrosive, and abrasive. There’s no shortage of applications with unique operating conditions that require proper pump selection, system design, installation, monitoring, and maintenance. Here are 6 of […]

Metering Pumps for Power Generation

Power plants worldwide can turn common water into consumable energy. These plants have complex systems that pull water from rivers, lakes, and aquifers by utilizing a series of pumps, clarifiers, and filters. Some of the pumped water is converted into steam energy through specific processes, while a vast majority of water is used for cooling […]

Will Split Seals Improve Your Pump System?

Mechanical seal maintenance for pumps and rotating equipment is critical. From a preventative maintenance perspective, it’s a non-negotiable. Consider that seals are a common point of failure, especially when they are not properly maintained. Lack of adequate maintenance results in leaks and performance problems. One alteration many pump operators will consider is installing split seals. […]

4 Tips to Optimize Your Existing Pump System

Ultimately, your goal is to have a full optimized pump system. You want it working as efficiently as possible to save on energy costs. You want it to be reliable to minimize downtime, lost production, and repair expenses. If your pump isn’t fully optimized, you are wasting time and money. It’s as simple as that. […]

Transfer High-Viscosity Fluids with a Circor Screw Pump

Circor is a leading manufacturer of motion and flow control solutions to handle the most demanding applications. They represent pumps and products from a wide list of brand subsidiaries, including many different types of pumps depending on your needs. Circor Screw Pump Brands Circor offers an exceptional line of screw pumps from quality brand names […]

What is NPSH and Why is it So Important to Pump Performance?

Net positive suction head (NPSH) is an important measure used by centrifugal pump engineers and pump operators. It is a matter of the pressure energy within a liquid that enables the fluid to be fed into the eye of the first-stage impeller. How to Calculate NPSH NPSH is calculated by adding the total static and […]