5 Tips for Pumping Corrosive Liquids

Pumping corrosive liquids, abrasive materials, hazardous fluids, and harsh chemicals presents many challenges. Corrosive liquids degrade, damage, and even destroy specific pump system components. In addition, certain metals, plastics, and glass can experience significant corrosion when pumping these fluids and chemicals. There are several concerns when it comes to pumping corrosive liquids. First, your equipment […]

Your Guide to Pump Lubrication

Pump systems transport various materials, from water and chemicals to slurries and solids. Many different types of pumps use different mechanical processes to create suction and push liquids through the pump. For example, you have centrifugal pumps, diaphragm pumps, screw pumps, progressive cavity pumps, and many others. Each pump and system type will require specific […]

The Finer Points of Laser Pump Alignment

You can achieve optimal pump alignment—technology, technique, and laser alignment being paths to get you there. Keep reading to learn from DXP Pacific’s strategies.   Technology and Technique At DXP Pacific, we often utilize old-school manual pump alignment techniques in addition to high-tech solutions like laser pump alignment. Lasers offer unprecedented accuracy and speed, but […]

7 Easy Tips for Better Pump Maintenance

If you want to keep your pump system running at optimum performance and efficiency, you need to perform maintenance. Maintenance entails equipment inspections, testing, minor repairs, settings adjustments, cleaning and replacing worn seals, hoses, bearings, and other standard part audits. We consider this “preventative maintenance,” as it prevents considerable damage and breakdowns that will cost […]

When are On-Site or In-House Pump Repairs the Best Fit?

DXP Cortech goes beyond pump equipment supplies—we provide professional pump system design, installation, maintenance, training, and repair services as well. In addition, your preventative maintenance program will be completely tailored to your needs. To your equipment running optimally, consider whether on-site or in-house pump repairs are the better fit. Pump Repair Services What happens when […]

What is Soft Foot and Why is it So Important to Leveling Pump Bases?

Soft foot is a common problem often seen in pumps and rotating machines that need to be set on permanent bases. Such equipment must be perfectly level with all components precisely aligned for ideal performance. If anything is out of alignment or not securely in place, pump problems, and even damage, are a near certainty. […]

Six Tips for Setting Pump Bases to Achieve Proper Leveling

When you need the best performance and longevity from a pump, installation on a level surface is critical. Each pump component must be aligned carefully to achieve the desired results over the life of the pump. Pumps set at improper levels are a common problem we see when out in the field repairing pumps installed […]

The Benefits of an Air-Operated Double-Diaphragm Pump (AODD)

The Air-Operated Double-Diaphragm Pump (AODD) is a type of positive displacement pump that many operators prefer over standard centrifugal pumps for certain thick and viscous fluid applications. AODDs are commonly used in industries like food processing, electronics, pharmaceuticals, paints and oil, acid transfer metering, and gas. Four key benefits of Air-Operated Double-Diaphragm pumps:   Simple […]

4 Drivers of Pump Bearing Longevity

Proactive maintenance is so important when it comes to minimizing downtime and extending the lifespan of your pump equipment. One of the most common sources of pump problems is the pump bearing. If the bearing assembly is damaged, deteriorated or not operating properly, it will lead to excessive heat and vibration. This leads to equipment […]

Why Use a Self-Priming Pump?

Self-priming pumps offer certain advantages over standard centrifugal pumps that require manual priming. The biggest difference is obviously that they prime themselves without the need for outside attention. Not only does this make self-priming pumps more efficient than alternative designs, it also provides additional benefits that are useful in many industrial applications.   How Self-Priming […]

Milton Roy Metering Pumps Deliver Accurate Results

The most important function of a metering pump is to provide accuracy and consistency during operation. You want the process fluid to be transported at controlled flow rates and with optimum energy efficiency. Milton Roy (MilRoy) metering pumps deliver the accurate results you desire, with exceptional precision and performance.   Every gear in a Milton […]

Pitbull Pumps Show the Advantages of Simple Design

You don’t have to have an overcomplicated design to have a quality pump. The core physics of pumping have not changed. Yet, many pump designs have evolved to have so many complex features, especially when it comes to handling solids and debris in wastewater and slurry applications. Some of these features are nice, but are […]