What is Soft Foot and Why is it So Important to Leveling Pump Bases?

Soft foot is a common problem often seen in pumps and rotating machines that need to be set on permanent bases. Such equipment must be perfectly level with all components precisely aligned for ideal performance. If anything is out of alignment or not securely in place, pump problems, and even damage, are a near certainty. […]

9 Tips for Reducing Pump Ownership and Operation Expenses

No matter the industry you’re in, you have to watch your bottom line. Expenses add up and eat into profits, but as a plant operator you also need to make sure the jobs get done right. It’s a fine line to walk when it comes to owning, operating, and maintaining heavy-duty pumps. There’s energy consumption, […]

How Machine Grouting will Give Your Pump the Strongest Foundation

Properly mounting a pump is a necessity that is often overlooked or undervalued by plant operators. Unfortunately, it’s something we see far too often. Someone will buy the least expensive baseplate that’s available and place it on the floor with less-than-ideal footing and alignment. Before long, the pump is damaged or requires maintenance because bearings, […]

Six Tips for Setting Pump Bases to Achieve Proper Leveling

When you need the best performance and longevity from a pump, installation on a level surface is critical. Each pump component must be aligned carefully to achieve the desired results over the life of the pump. Pumps set at improper levels are a common problem we see when out in the field repairing pumps installed […]

Why a Gear Pump is Best for Viscous Materials

Oil and other high-viscosity liquids can present a unique challenge for many pumps. Operators who regularly deal with viscous materials prefer gear pump systems because they handle difficult fluids more efficiently and effectively. Gear pumps are often found in applications like oil and gas, industrial, mining and aggregate, water and wastewater treatment, municipal, and food […]

The Differences Between Horizontal and Vertical Centrifugal Pumps

Centrifugal pumps are found in many industrial applications. They provide excellent operational efficiency and versatility when it comes to pressures and liquid flows. Inline centrifugal pumps will come in to distinct configurations: horizontal and vertical.   What are the differences between the two inline styles of centrifugal pumps? And, which one is right for your […]

Gain Reliability and Efficiency with the PumpWorks HP Plus Pump

PumpWorks has been a leading specialty manufacturer of API 610 and ANSI process pumps for decades. Their company’s roots date back to 1978. Their products and services have been evolving ever since, which is why it’s easy to understand why so many industries turn to them for exceptional pump equipment.   The PumpWorks HP Plus […]

4 Drivers of Pump Bearing Longevity

Proactive maintenance is so important when it comes to minimizing downtime and extending the lifespan of your pump equipment. One of the most common sources of pump problems is the pump bearing. If the bearing assembly is damaged, deteriorated or not operating properly, it will lead to excessive heat and vibration. This leads to equipment […]

Why Use a Self-Priming Pump?

Self-priming pumps offer certain advantages over standard centrifugal pumps that require manual priming. The biggest difference is obviously that they prime themselves without the need for outside attention. Not only does this make self-priming pumps more efficient than alternative designs, it also provides additional benefits that are useful in many industrial applications.   How Self-Priming […]

Pitbull Pumps Show the Advantages of Simple Design

You don’t have to have an overcomplicated design to have a quality pump. The core physics of pumping have not changed. Yet, many pump designs have evolved to have so many complex features, especially when it comes to handling solids and debris in wastewater and slurry applications. Some of these features are nice, but are […]

Verderflex Peristaltic Pumps Offer Robust Solutions

Verderflex is a leading manufacturer of peristaltic pumps, which are a specialized type of pump used in a wide variety of industries.   Peristaltic pumps work using alternating compression and relaxation of a hose or tube. The hose draws contents in, then a rotating shoe rolls along the length of the hose. This provides compression […]

Preparing Pumps for Cold Weather Conditions

Winter is already in full swing and you probably already notice that operating your pumps is more challenging when the weather is colder. The colder it gets, the more difficult it is to run and maintain pumps efficiently, especially if you are pumping remote locations.   Slurry pumps are known to struggle the most during […]