Let Blackmer’s Innovation Work for You

As a leading manufacturer of positive displacement pumps, centrifugal pumps, and compressors since 1903, Blackmer products are used worldwide in a vast range of industries and applications.  Industries & Applications Blackmer’s primary market segments include liquid, gas, and chemical products. Some of the markets they serve are:            • Chemical Processing            • Oil & […]

6 Ways to Keep Your Pump Motor Healthy

All pumps operate using some sort of motor drive system. There are actually many different ways to produce pumping power, depending on the type of pump and the operating environment. The most common are fuel-driven or electric motors. All pump motors require monitoring and maintenance to perform their best and last longer. Let’s review some […]

6 Reasons Why You Need Proper Pump System Training

Pump system training is critical in any municipal or industrial facility. You need suitable operators to control, monitor, and maintain the equipment. And, of course, they need to be appropriately trained to handle anything involving the pump system. Let’s take a look at 6 of the top reasons why you need proper pump system training: […]

Should You Upgrade Your Pump Casing?

In addition to selecting the proper pump type and size, consider the construction materials, such as pump casings, impellers, mechanical seals, and other critical components. These key pieces are manufactured with unique metals and coatings, so that each application and its liquids have appropriate parts. The proper casing helps protect equipment from premature failure while […]

How to Select the Best Progressive Cavity Pump

Progressive cavity pumps are effective for certain applications and fluids. However, they are not ideal for every application, which is something that can generally be said for most different types of pumps. Proper pump selection is always critical. You have to find, configure and operate the right pump system to produce the optimum results for […]

The Best Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Production Pumps

Producing pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and personal grooming products require a specialized processes. To process and blend sensitive materials, the proper configuration of pumps and mixers is a non-negotiable. In addition, these products can use chemicals, water, powders, thickeners, coloring agents, preservatives, and a wide variety of other substances. Generally, the equipment must meet strong sanitary requirements, […]

Key Pump Challenges to Overcome in Extreme Operating Conditions

Some pump applications present more challenges than others. The environment around your pump system can have extreme temperatures, humidity, or weather patterns, while the processing fluids are hazardous, corrosive, and abrasive. There’s no shortage of applications with unique operating conditions that require proper pump selection, system design, installation, monitoring, and maintenance. Here are 6 of […]

Metering Pumps for Power Generation

Power plants worldwide can turn common water into consumable energy. These plants have complex systems that pull water from rivers, lakes, and aquifers by utilizing a series of pumps, clarifiers, and filters. Some of the pumped water is converted into steam energy through specific processes, while a vast majority of water is used for cooling […]

8 Things to Consider When Selecting a Centrifugal Pump

In a perfect world, pump systems are inexpensive, long lasting, energy-efficient, and simple to maintain. Although there may be a perfect pump system for your specific processing application, there are still trade-offs you’ll make. Which should you budge on, and which should you leave as a priority when selecting a centrifugal pump? Best Efficiency Point […]

7 Advantages of Vertical Turbine Pumps

Industries worldwide are using vertical turbine. Due to their continuous engineering evolution, many consider vertical turbine pumps versatile and practical for even the most challenging pump applications. Consider the key advantages that vertical turbine pumps offer when compared to horizontal pumps: Smaller Footprint Vertical turbine pumps take up much less floor space and fit into […]

What is a Regenerative Turbine Pump?

Liquid petroleum gas (LPG), ammonia, refrigerants, and hydrocarbons are a few of the volatile liquids and hard-to-handle fluid applications that deserve our attention. These liquids are not only volatile to move, but generally have low viscosities and higher vapor pressure,  leading to cavitation concerns and other pump system problems. Protect yourself and your operation from […]

A Complete Guide to PumpWorks ANSI Process Pumps

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) sets strict standards for pump equipment utilized in certain applications, most often used for chemical processing or transferring thin fluids like water and alcohols. They can also move fluids with or without solids, depending on the impeller type. These standards apply to specific pump types. ANSI standards prioritize pump […]