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Looking for a Specific Type of Pump?

Looking for a Specific Type of Pump?

Cavex hydrocyclones are designed to increase efficiency, reduce operating costs and extend wear life. Cavex is a division of Weir Minerals, and they have produced these innovative products to maximize customer productivity while minimizing cost of ownership.

The Cavex product line is supported by Weir Minerals’ commitment to finding excellent solutions, furthering development in the hydrocyclone industry and providing exceptional customer service and support. The Cavex hydrocyclone design evolved because engineers were looking for something that would stand the test of time, operate efficiently and reduce operating costs compared to conventional involute or tangential-feed cyclones.

Cavex hydrocyclones do not utilize a core modification, but institute an entirely new feed geometry. The result is substantially increased hydraulic capacity. At the same time, wear is reduced on the feed chamber and vortex finder. With these revolutionary features, operators require fewer cyclones and benefit from lower operating costs.

Another major benefit of Cavex hydrocyclones is the reduced amount of turbulence. This is due to the laminar spiral inlet geometry, which offers a natural flow path into the hydrocyclone. There are no sharp edges or square corners to slow down the feed stream. It blends smoothly with the slurry that’s rotating inside the chamber. With less turbulence, it reduces wear and extends the lifespan of the product. In addition, the minimal flow resistance allows Cavex hydrocyclones to process a much higher slurry volume than typical hydrocyclones with equivalent fittings. This means you won’t need as many hydrocyclones in your operation.

Weir Minerals has operations throughout North America, Latin America, Europe, Russia, Asia, Africa and Australia. This global supply capability presents a major competitive advantage with service and support readily available throughout the world.


Cavex hydrocyclones are used throughout the world in a variety of mining, minerals processing and dewatering applications. Cavex hydrocyclones are designed for adaptability and have been used in myriad applications and environments such as potash operations, heavy media and grinding circuits. Users range from single site operators to some of the world’s largest mining and minerals multinational corporations.

Osborne Mine in Australia, Zinkgruven Mine in Sweden and BHP Billiton Olympic Dam in Australia are a few of the most notable Cavex hydrocyclone customers who have seen improved production with these innovative products. They have experienced reduced operating costs and are benefiting from longer-lasting hydrocyclones in their operations.

Other specific applications include:

  • Iron ore processing
  • Phosphate benefication
  • Desliming processes
  • Coal fines dewatering
  • Coal refuse dewatering
  • Concrete dewatering
  • Degritting wastewater effluents
  • Dewatering of mine tailings
  • Closed circuit milling
  • Mill scale recovery and dewatering
  • Classification and grinding operations
  • Sand washing and dewatering
  • Preparation of flotation conditioner feed
  • Dewatering crushed stone screenings
  • Pre-thickening of feed to vaccum filters
  • Dewatering granulated slag
  • Heavy metal processing (titanium sands)


Cavex hydrocyclones are built to last and designed for efficient operations. In general, worksites require fewer hydrocyclones to operate. Production time is maximized while operating costs are minimized thanks to the laminar spiral inlet design.


By utilizing an underflow regulator, the Cavex dewatering cyclone automatically compensates for the variations in feeds solids concentration. No matter what the variation in solids content, it continues to provide the same underflow density. It handles tramp oversize in the feed without plugging.

The high underflow density is achieved without having to be operated in “roping” condition and is basically slime and water free. The underflow density can be adjusted as you need. This can be achieved easily without having to utilize expensive mechanical or hydraulic spigot arrangements. In general, the spigot maintenance is much less than typical cyclones.

How it Works

When only water is fed into the hydrocyclone, a negative pressure is created at the bottom as a result of the siphon from the extended overflow pipe. Once you introduce solids, the discharge regulator opens up after a sufficient pressure is achieved. Excess water is removed and the underflow density is maximized. The intensity of the siphon can be controlled by the air bleed assembly. An oversize spigot can also be used to handle surges in feed tonnage and oversized tramp material.


Designed for exceptional efficiency, increased capacity and longer wear life than typical tangential-feed or involute cyclones.

700CVX Hydrocyclone – This hydrocyclone can achieve up to 50% higher capacity as a result of its larger inlet and unique vortex finder configuration.

CVX Rubber-Lined Hydrocyclones – These hydrocyclones incorporate specially formulated rubber compounds for better wear life in a wide variety of applications.

G4 Series Hydrocyclone – This hydrocyclone gives you more efficiency no matter how challenging the extraction application is.

CVX Ceramic-Lined Hydrocyclones – These hydrocyclones are designed with replaceable ceramic liners for extremely abrasive ores and processes where rubber liners cannot handle the material.

CVX Solid Urethane Hydrocyclones – These hydrocyclones are best utilized in low-wear applications for fine particles and processes. They are lightweight and come equipped with easy Victaulic connections.

G3 Series Hydrocyclone – This hydrocyclone has a classification efficiency that is maintained much longer than typical hydrocyclones that deteriorate more quickly.

CVX Solid High-Chrome Hydrocyclones – These hydrocyclones are ideally suited for treating coarse and sharp particles and applications that require density separation.

CVX Ceramic Tile Lined Hydrocyclones – These hydrocyclones are designed for applications that require coarse particle sizing when other linings aren’t suitable.


Cavex double-classification hydrocyclones are designed to improve two aspects of classification. This includes misplacement of coarse particles in the overflow and the by-pass of fines to the underflow.

Cavex ReCyclone – Designed to provide double classification in just one stage. Separation sharpness is increased while fines are by-passed to the underflow.

Cavex DE Double-Efficiency Hydrocyclone – Designed to improve the entire classification efficiency. The by-pass of fines is reduced to the underflow and the separation sharpness is increased.


When it comes to your dense media application, Cavex ceramic-lined dense media cyclones include an innovative geometry that results in improved operating efficiency.


Cavex dewatering hydrocyclones can give you a much higher density of underflow discharge than can generally be achieved with traditional hydrocyclone designs. This is done is no loss in recovery efficiency.


Cavex Dewatering Canisters – Designed to overcome the capacity concerns of smaller hydrocyclones. One assembly combines numerous small hydrocyclones for optimal performance.

Cavex Air Core Booster – When you want increased capacity, higher classification efficiency and reduced fines bypass, the Cavex air core booster provides a more stable and larger diameter air core for better performance.


Cavex hydrocyclones and other Weir Minerals products have been instrumental in many of DXP Cortech’s engineering projects throughout the world. From mines and dams to industrial applications, they are so diverse and adaptable for many different uses. Their products are manufactured to the highest of standards and they continue to innovate new ideas, which makes Cavex such an ideal product provider for DXP Cortech. We love recommending their quality products to our customers seeking increased productivity and lower operating costs.

If you want to learn more about Cavex hydrocyclones and their ancillary products, DXP Cortech will be happy to help. We can help you determine which hydrocuclones are best for your specific applications or put you in touch with the knowledgeable support specialists at Weir Minerals. We want to help put Cavex products to work for your business, so just give us a call!