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Looking for a Specific Type of Pump?

Looking for a Specific Type of Pump?

Chemline Plastics Limited is one of North America’s premier distributors of superior flow solutions. They offer comprehensive lines of valves, controls, regulators, flow meters, pipes, actuators, manifolds and tubing designed for use in a large variety of industrial applications. They are designed to handle everything from water to corrosive materials to high-purity fluids.

Chemline Plastics products are constructed of high-grade thermo-plastic materials like PVC, CPVC, PVDF (“Kynar”), FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic), Polypropylene, Teflon and ECTFE (“Halar”). Chemline’s valves and controls are built to be light weight, as well as very strong and durable. In addition, they offer high product purity, exceptional corrosion/abrasion resistance and prevent lining problems. Quite simply, you can count on Chemline valves and controls to produce excellent results time and time again.


Chemline Plastics Limited was founded in 1968. They were actually Canada’s first company to specialize in plastic valves. Ever since, they have remained the market leader. Their central plant is maintained in Thornhill, Ontario, and they have a large network of stocking distributors throughout Canada.


Chemline Plastics serves a wide range of markets and industrial applications. Their valves, controls, regulators and other products can be found in industries such as mining, pharmaceutical, chemical plants, micro electronics, fisheries/aquaculture, green houses, irrigation, environmental monitoring, municipal waste and water treatment, steel and plating, pulp and paper, swimming pools, and fountains.


When you work with Chemline products, you get durable valves, controls, regulators and other products that will help your business with the flow of materials like water, corrosive liquids and high-purity fluids. You can count on Chemline products to be strong and durable, built to withstand the test of time.


True Union Ball Valves:

Type 21 – Pressure rated at 16 bar (230 psi), the Type 21 True Union Ball Valve is a full-blocking, full-port valve. It includes double-stem o-rings for additional safety and performance. Can be mounted on electric or pneumatic actuators.

Cavity Free – Chemline Cavity Free True Union Ball Valves feature molded in place full ports that are available from ½” up to 6” and provide excellent abrasion resistance. The lack of a cavity prevents sediment build-up and avoids the entrapment of larger particles.

High Capacity – Chemline’s High Capacity True Union Ball Valves have an unobstructed 6” port to allow for the passage of mechanical pipe cleaners (“pigs”). Ideal for mild slurries, vacuum lines, unfiltered sea water and sewage lines. These valves are easy to maintain and assure low torque, along with lower fluid velocities to minimize abrasion.

Compact Industrial Ball Valves:

Manufactured to the same quality specifications as the True Union line, Chemline’s Compact Ball Valves offer a full port for reduced pressure loss and low stem torque for applications where union end valves aren’t ideal. They are low cost and compact in design.

Molti-Port Industrial (Type 23) Ball Valves:

With the multi-port design of these ball valves, it eliminates the need for two typical ball valves. This allows for a choice of several flow patters, high capacity flow and low pressure drops. Even if the stem breaks as a result of too much torque, the safety shear stem is specially designed to maintain full pressure. They are also mountable to electric or pneumatic actuators.

Control Ball Valves:

SM Series Metering Ball Valves – The solid ball incorporates a graduated V-groove on the outside for precise linear flow of clean fluids or chemicals.

SP Series Proportional Ball Valves – The ball is designed to allow for proportional (linear) flow control of clean fluids or chemicals. It provides exceptional flow control and Cv values higher than traditional diaphragm valves.


Elastomer Seated Butterfly Valves:

Type 57/56/75 – Chemline’s butterfly valves have been used to replace metal valves in a variety of industrial applications. They are available in a large selection of seat, disc and body materials. They are compact, light-weight and offer excellent corrosion/abrasion resistance.

Giant PD Series – For heavy duty applications up to 110 PSi, these durable large butterfly valves are designed for performance.

ChemValve Fluoropolymer Lined Butterfly Valves:

These butterfly valves feature a composite thermoset plastic body lined with fluoropolymer. They are designed to handle the most corrosive applications up to 130 degrees C and 150 PSI.

PVDF Butterfly Valves:

DFK Series Damper Valves – Chemline’s DFK Series Damper Valves are used in the most demanding process control applications. They are built to stand up to high temperatures and abrasive materials, suitable for a large range of throttling applications.

Large Diameter FRP Valves – Specifically designed for gas and liquid handling, these quality engineered valves are engineered for exceptional performance.


Type 14 Manual – This throttling valve is ideal for slurries and viscous liquids because it has a self-draining design and no dead volume. It works under high temperatures and pressures, and offers better chemical resistance than some other Chemline valve types.

Type 720 & 760 Manual – Ideally suited for sanitary and slurry applications, the Type 720 and Type 760 Manual Diaphragm Valves are compact, corrosive resistant and designed for durable performance.

Type 710 Pneumatic – Designed with a pneumatically actuated diaphragm valve, the Type 710 typically operates over a million cyclces without maintenance and can handle up to 90 PSI or 20 degrees C.


Ball Check Valves – Designed for an excellent flow capacity to handle many suspended solid and slurry services. Available in a wide selection of seat and body materials and can be used in either horizontal or vertical lines.

Foot Valves – Available in up to 2” and up to 6” in Single Union design. Ideal for slurry and suspended solid services and also works in horizontal or vertical lines.

Swing Check Valves – Designed for the most aggressive chemical services. Full flow design for low pressure drop and made of heavy duty solid plastic.

Wafer Check Valves – Compact design and high-quality construction, ideal for slurry and suspended solid applications. Adaptable to both horizontal and vertical lines. Available in WP and PW Series designs.

323F Series – Double-suction pump with the highest flow rates of any screw pump manufactured by IMO. Ideal for loading and unloading terminals, power plants, tank farm services and asphalt processing.


CGA Series Gate Valves – Excellent isolating valve that is very versatile because it can be throttled. Ideal for underground services.

GV Series Globe Valves – Heavy duty yet economical, the Chemline Globe Valve prevents water hammer in PVC piping and provides a long service life.


Lab Cock Valves – Ideal for instrumentation lines, aquaculture, venting gas in pipe lines, laboratory use and process sampling. Low cost and proven performance.

N Series Needle Valves – Designed to handle aggressive chemicals where valves with elastomer seals won’t do. Can handle ultrapure and corrosive fluids at low flow rates with no silicone or other lubricants required.


Back Pressure Relief Valves – Designed so that the valve opens based on the inlet pressure while remaining unaffected by any changes in the downstream (back) pressure.

Pressure Regulating (Reducing) Valves – With a set downstream pressure that is completely independent of the higher variable upstream pressure, these valves provide precise control.


E Series Characterized Control Valves – Aggressive chemical fluids are controlled precisely with nearly frictionless stem movement. The control is predictable and repeatable for over 10 years without maintenance required.

Ball Float Valves – Ideal for water or non-hazardous liquids, the ball float valve is a cost-effective level control solution.

Air & Vacuum Release Valves – The controlled venting solution is ideal for pressurized larger diameter piping systems. The two-stage ball stop allows high volume air release while preventing liquids from escaping.

Air Release (Venting) Valves – Designed to allow gases to escape from lines that are unpressurized.

Gauge Isolators – Chemline’s line of gauge isolators allow for less expensive pressure gauges and all other pressure instruments to be utilized in corrosive services.


Indeed, Chemline Plastics produces some amazing valves, controls, regulators and other flow products. We have been proud to have them as a product partner with DXP Cortech for many years. Their products are dependable, affordable and durable. We are always happy to recommend Chemline valves and components to our customers throughout the world. We know Chemline’s service and support are also just as great as the products they manufacture.

A DXP Cortech representative can tell you more about Chemline and help you find the valves, controls or other equipment you need for your specific industrial applications. We are well-versed in all the products they offer and can connect you with their support team if needed. We just want to help you get the most out of your business and utilize these great Chemline products to your advantage.