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Looking for a Specific Type of Pump?

Looking for a Specific Type of Pump?

Cornell Pump Company is one of the world’s premier pump manufacturers, serving a wide variety of industrial and agricultural markets across the globe. Their pumps are built to withstand some of the most demanding conditions. They are precisely engineered and constructed with high-quality materials for unmatched performance and sustainability.

Cornell pumps are backed by a global support team and regional staff to provide you with the best in customer service. They understand what their customers want and need, and their commitment is to give you the service and support you deserve.


The foundations for Cornell began back in 1946 when five pioneering individuals left another pump company and headed out on their own. They familiarized themselves with the most common pump failures (pressure spikes, motor bearings and loading capacity being three of the typical issues). They established Cornell to service any model of pump with innovative solutions.

In 1949, the engineers at Cornell sought to improve the way irrigation pumps were designed and manufactured. They created the groundbreaking “Rain-O-Flow” pump and it solved many of the common repair problems. Later this year, they established the Pump School, which evolved from lectures they gave on applied hydraulics.

Before long, other farmers and industries were reaching out to Cornell with their specific pump needs. Cornell heeded the call and branched out their designs and manufacturing with a variety of new pump products. From dam construction and ammonia pumps for food warehouses to hydro-transport to the Army Corps of Engineers, Cornell kept blazing new paths in different industries. Even the irrigation system used in Joe Robbie Stadium in Miami (home of many Super Bowls) utilizes Cornell Pumps to keep the turf ideal. Cornell Pumps are used throughout Disneyland, as well!

In 1994, Cornell introduced the Cycloseal system, which eliminated leaks without the need for flush water. Redi-Prime is another Cornell innovation, using a patented vacuum system to prime and re-prime the pump. In recent years, Cornell has continued to lead the way with new innovations and additional pump series to handle all types of industrial and agricultural pumping needs.


Agriculture – Cornell’s heavy-duty centrifugal pumps are designed to handle the toughest agricultural applications.

Food Processing – Since introducing their first hydro-transport pump to the industry nearly 40 years ago, Cornell has designed a line of pumps specific for pumping food products. The result is the lowest product damage rates in the industry!

Industrial – Cornell’s high-quality slurry and clear liquid pumps are adaptable for a wide range of industrial applications.

Mining – Cornell produces high-head dewatering pumps that are dependable and ideal for the mining industry.

Municipal – Cornell offers a variety of pumps ideal for handling clear, gray and waste water for municipal applications.

Oil & Gas – Even in the most demanding applications for fuel transport, petrochemical processing and other oil and gas industry needs, Cornell Pumps are designed to stand up to the test.

Refrigeration – Cornell manufactures liquid overfeed and transfer pumps specifically for industrial refrigeration applications.

Rental – Many rental package creators throughout the world depend on Cornell Pumps as vital parts of their kits.


For nearly 70 years, Cornell has been addressing some of the most demanding applications by designing and building exceptional pumps. Through it all, the core values at Cornell have remained the same: solve customer problems and provide the highest-quality pump products around.


Cornell offers pumps made from durable CD4MCu, which is a duplex stainless steel that offers better chloride stress cracking resistance than standard stainless steel. It also has great corrosive resistance.

Chopper Pumps

When you need to chop solids, you’ll want to get a Cornell Chopper Pump to handle the job. It is designed to take care of the toughest applications. The replaceable cutter bar is constructed of T1 tool steel that is heat treated to a minimum of Rockwell C hardness.

Clear Liquid Pumps

These pumps are utilized in many different industries and applications. They are known for their durability and reliability, as well as their efficiency. Cornell Liquid Pumps can be purchased in SAE Engine Mounted, Close-Coupled, Horizontal and Vertical Configurations.

Cornell CP-Series

Available in 4-inch and 6-inch models, Cornell CP-Series Pumps are ideally suited for rental and construction applications. These pumps come standard with the innovative Cycloseal system and Venturi Prime system.

Cutter Pumps

In order to reduce clogging as a result of ragging, Cornell designed their line of cutter pumps to handle the toughest applications. They are ideal for municipal, agricultural and other markets.

D.A.F. Pumps

D.A.F. stands for Dissolved Air Flotation. Tiny air molecules are binded with the solids particles, which allows the solids to be skimmed from the surface. Cornell’s innovative D.A.F. pumps utilize the Cycloseal system and a unique impeller design.

EGDE – End Gun Booster Pump

Cornell continues to expand its line of irrigation pumps, including the 2HP and 5HP end gun booster pumps.

Food Process Pumps

Cornell’s hydro-transport pumps are designed for the sole purpose of pumping food products, making them the best choice for this specific application.

Hot Oil Pumps

Cornell Hoi Oil Pumps have enhanced vapor-handling characteristics that can handle very high oil temperatures, which make them the preferred pump for food processors throughout the world.

Hydro Turbine Pumps

Used in various industrial, municipal and agricultural power generation projects, Cornell’s Hydro Turbine Pumps can generate flows as low as 90 gallons per minute and power with heads as low as 55 feet.

Immersible Pumps

Cornell Immersible Pumps incorporate the patented Hydroseal design and can handle up to 30 feet of submergence for a two-week period.

Manure & Slurry Pumps

Cornell developed the SP Series Slurry Pumps with the Cycloseal technology for abrasive applications during the mining/milling process.

MP Series Pumps

These pumps are designed specifically for coarse abrasives. They operate at high pressures to handle gravel, sand, coal, manure and mine dewatering.

MX Pumps

Cornell MX Pumps offer a long service life for high-head applications thanks to their extra-heavy wall thickness and high-quality construction.

Redi-Prime Pumps

Cornell has the widest range of Dry Prime pumps available in the industry. Almost every clear liquid and solids handling centrifugal pump produced by Cornell incorporates the innovative Redi-Prime system.

Refrigeration Pumps

Cornell provides pumps specifically designed for industrial refrigeration, including liquid overfeed and transfer pumping applications.

Self-Priming Pumps

Cornell’s self-priming pumps are built to withstand extremely tough situations. They are available in the STX, STH and STL Series designs.

Solids Handling Pumps

In order to handle the most difficult wastewater situations, Cornell developed their solids handling pumps for various demanding municipal, industrial and agricultural applications.

Submersible Pumps

With exceptional operating efficiency and top-notch motors, Cornell Submersible Pumps offer a longer lifespan under abrasive service.


These medium-duty pumps are for general purpose applications. They are available in vertical or horizontal close-coupled mounts.


When you work with a company like Cornell, it’s easy to feel good about incorporating their pumps into any industrial, agricultural or municipal situation. DXP Cortech has worked with Cornell for many years and we will continue to use their products for many more. We know they offer exceptional quality and the pumps are built to stand the test of time, even in some of the toughest applications. We also know their customer service is great, which is right in line with our own commitment to quality support for our clients.

If you’d like more information about Cornell or any of the pump products, just give DXP Cortech a call. We can answer any questions you have and help you determine which pump is best for your specific needs. We can help put Cornell Pumps to work for you!