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Looking for a Specific Type of Pump?

Looking for a Specific Type of Pump?

At De Nora Water Technologies, all of their products and services are based upon a deep understanding of water. They know why it’s needed, how it’s processed and where it’s used for a wide range of industrial and municipal purposes. In other words, they know why it’s the world’s most valuable resource, and that serves as great inspiration for everything they do as a company.

Whether it’s disinfection equipment, filtration techniques, pump technology or contract operating services, De Nora Water Technologies offers a large variety of water treatment products and services. Applications include drinking water, ballast water, aquatics, marine and wastewater treatment. Their products are used in many different industries, including mining and metals procession, pharmaceuticals, HPI/CPI processing, pulp and paper, oil and gas, food and beverage, power and even the leisure industry (hotels, amusement parks and resorts) throughout the world.

Protecting the environment and preventing disease is also a major priority for De Nora Water Technologies. They strive to control legionella in water supplies, which is the primary cause of Legionnaire’s disease. They protect marine ecosystems by preventing the spread of any aquatic invasive species. For 25 years, they have implemented innovative water pretreatment solutions and desalinization techniques like underdrain filters and membrane filtration systems.

De Nora Water Technologies serves more than 400 water treatment facilities throughout the United States and North America, ultimately helping over four million people. De Nora Water Technologies is a company that has the breadth of knowledge and product lines to handle all water and wastewater needs.


De Nora Water Technologies products and services are used for many different applications and in a variety of industries.

Community and Municipal Management Services

Throughout Texas, Georgia and Florida, De Nora is providing services to municipalities, development districts and associations. In fact, De Nora Water Technologies is the only full-service water management company in the Southeast that provides property management services. They do this with an annual operating budget of over $200 million and their own licensed and certified personnel on staff.

In Texas, De Nora Water Technologies provides management consultant and operations services for commercial associations, planned residential developments and master-planned communities throughout the Austin and Houston areas.

Water and Wastewater Operations

De Nora Water Technologies draws from their vast experience and knowledge from dealing with drinking water supply and compliant wastewater treatment to millions of people throughout the world. They strive to provide better health for the communities they serve by offering better water treatment solutions and water supply systems, whether it’s utility management or the provision of integrated wastewater and water services.

Water Treatment Technologies

Water treatment is vital to any municipality, community or industry where water is used and wastewater needs to be addressed. De Nora Water Technologies provides products and services to better treat wastewater and sewage for increased safety and minimized risk of contaminants and disease.

Product Service, Repair and Parts

Installing equipment for water treatment and supply is just the beginning when you work with De Nora Water Technologies. They are known for their impeccable service and follow-up. They have a fantastic team of factory and field service personnel, who are thoroughly trained to support De Nora products in North America, Latin America, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Europe and Africa.

When you have De Nora equipment installed, they will provide you with a detailed schedule for preventative and predictive maintenance that you can coordinate with your factor service engineer tasked with the job. They always recommend utilizing originally manufactured parts for repair and replacement of De Nora equipment.

Beyond that, you can always count on the experts at De Nora Water Technologies to help you if any issues arise while your equipment is in use. They can provide installation, training, parts replacement and contracting to maintain any of their products.

It starts with on-site training, which is provided at your facility with the designated factory service engineer. De Nora Water Technologies’ customer service representative can recommend spare parts and desired inventory levels to help prevent any problems.

If an issue does arise, you can always contact De Nora Water Technologies at their emergency and after-hours call center, which is available at any of their locations. In addition, if you want to apply training hours to support your credentials or continuing education credits, you can request that through your factory service engineer, who will then coordinate with De Nora Water Technologies.


De Nora Water Technologies offers many important proprietary technologies and support brands:

  • ClorTec and CECHLO-NS brine electrochlorination systems
  • SEACLOR, CECHLO-M and SANILEC seawater electrochlorination systems
  • Capital Controls gas-feed disinfection systems
  • BALPURE seawater electrochlorination and ballast water management systems
  • TETRA potable water, tertiary and biological wastewater treatment
  • OMNIPURE and MARINER OMNIPURE electrochemical marine sanitation systems
  • CECHLO-MS and CECHLO-IS membrane brine systems
  • UAT membrane filtration


At DXP Cortech, we have worked closely with De Nora Water Technologies over the years on many engineering projects that require water filtration and wastewater treatment. We know we can count on their quality products and exceptional services to help our clients achieve more. Because they operate with such high standards at De Nora Water Technologies, we are very proud to have a product partnership with them.

If you have any questions about De Nora Water Technologies and their water and wastewater treatment products and services, just let us know. The DXP Cortech staff is happy to help you make the right decisions or connect you with the best people to talk to at De Nora. If there is any way we can be of help in implementing De Nora equipment, we are here to help you get the most out of your experience.