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Linatex Rubber Products

Looking for a Specific Type of Pump?

Looking for a Specific Type of Pump?

Linatex® rubber products are internationally recognized and consist of a wide variety of products and services.

Component Items

  • Feed Regulating Sump – Allows slime to overflow without valuable product being lost.  It provides uniform feed, removes air from slurries, and provides constant suction.  A controlled flow of clean wash water is also fed into the pump suction.  This box comes with a connection for injection/flushing water and a ‘dump’ branch.  Linatex® Premium Rubber lines all interior wear products, but lining compounds can be suited for your process conditions
  •  Enduron® Dewatering Screens – Designed to produce maximum water recovery, low cost of ownership, and increased load capacity.  They are constructed with a curved sieve feed section and are easy to maintain
  •  Linatex® Attrition Cells – Provides ideal particle-to-particle contact with a recommended solids concentration of 70-80%.  Built with a heavy duty agitator drive to reduce agitator speed.  The intensity of the agitator can be customized
  • Linatex® Flat Bottom Classifiers – Highly efficient at removing small particles from slurries.  None of the moving parts are exposed to the slurry to decrease any maintenance that would be needed.

Dredge Hose

  • Linatex® Dredge Hose (1000) – Suction and discharge dredge hoses are available along with dredge ladder hoses and dredge sleeves

Flexible Hose Connectors

  • Linatex® Performed Hose Bends – Offered in many angles, diameters, and radii configurations
  • Linatex® Reducers and Ancillary Items – Built for both suction and discharge operations.  We also offer ancillary items such as Y pieces, T pieces, adaptors, and expansion pieces

Hard Wall Mining Hose

  • Linatex® Hard Wall Mining Hose (808) – This hose is known for its reliability and cost efficiency.  It is suitable for operation temperatures from -35°C to +75°C (-31°F to 167°F) and has a bend radius that is 8-10 times the internal diameter. Many ranges and sizes are available to suit your needs
  • Linatex® Cut End Hose (800) – Suitable for temperatures from -26°F to +167°F (-35°C to +75°C) and can handle up to 150 PSI (1034 KPa).  Multiple sizes are available
  • Linatex® Cut End Hose (801) – This hose is designed to be cut on site for urgent usage.  It is suitable for operation temperatures from -35°C to +75°C (-31°F to 167°F) and has a bend radius that is 8-10 times the internal diameter

Linatex® Range

  • Linatex® Premium Rubber – Made with 95% natural rubber with a high resistance to cutting and tearing
  • Linatex® VS Rubber – Made of uncured natural rubber.  It is ideal for hot bonding and has a six month shelf life

Liners – Concrete Industry

  • Concrete Batch Plant Liners – Liners are built custom to fit your needs.  They reduce build up and are designed to last and outperform steel liners
  • Concrete Truck Liner Chutes – Designed for front or rear discharge mixers.  They will last longer than steel liners and are very easy to install

Punched and Plasma Cut Screens

  • Punched and Plasma Cut Screen – This screen is a heavily perforated plate to screen aggregate.  Hole size, pattern, and geometry are completely customizable

Sand and Slag Classifiers

  • Linatex Flat-Bottomed Classifiers – Contains multiple discharge valves and water injection nozzles.  None of the moving parts are exposed to the slurry ensuring a long product life

Screening Wear Liners

  • Linatex® Ceramic Lining System – Provides excellent protection for ceramics.  It is completely customizable to suit your needs
  • Modular Turbo Trough Liners – Designed to prevent premature screen failure and prevent isolated wear
  • Rubber Inflatable Chute Liners – Prevents build up to reduce downtime and cleaning costs
  • SNAP-CHUTE Chute Liner System – Customizable sized liner to reduce costs and improve material flow
  • Trunnion Liners – The perfect solution to save you money and time on mill maintenance.  These liners protect trunnions that are susceptible to erosion
  • Urethane and Rubber Wear Liners – These liners are designed to extend the life of your equipment and also assist in noise reduction

Screening Wear Parts and Accessories

  • Screen Accessories – Designed to increase the life of your equipment.  Screen accessories include: Dur-X-Line® rubber cross support protectors, Dur-X-Line® rubber eccentric shaft cover, clamp/side tension rails, impact pads, channel rubber, Dur-X-Line® rubber hold-down donuts, and conveyor skid board rubber
  • Wear and Molded Parts – Designed to increase the life of your equipments.  Wear and molded parts include: Dur-X-Line® discharge elbows, Dur-X-Line® urethane spray flanges, belt scrapers, urethane classifying shoes, and sand classifier tank valve guide/seals

Soft Wall Mining Hose

  • Linatex® Soft Wall Mining Hose (806) – For use in applications in discharge duties where no vacuum exists.  It is designed to work in temperatures from -35°C to +75°C (-31°F to +167°F)

Specialty Rubber Products

  • Animal Recovery Rooms – Designed for use with veterinary room projects.  These rooms are easy to maintain and the natural rubber minimizes any injuries that can be caused by a fall
  • Ballistic Target Backing – Used in shooting ranges to protect shooters from ricochets. They are cost effective, reduce noise, and prevent excess lead dust to form

The Linaguard Range

  • Linaguard BB – Bromo Butyl rubber that has excellent resistance to inorganic chemicals, high temperatures, and UV and Ozone while still having low gas permeability
  • Linguard NBR – Made of natural rubber to resist vegetable oils/minerals, high temperatures, wear, and chemicals/greases/aliphatic hydrocarbons while still having low gas permeability
  • Linguard OSR – Made of uncured Polychloroprene based rubber.  It resists abrasion, oil, weather, and chemicals

The Linard Range

  • Linard 60 – Resistant to wet abrasions, sticking, cutting, and build up and is extremely flexible
  • Linard HD and HDS – This range of products are strong and resistant to chunking and gouging

Urethane and Rubber Screen Media

  • Armor Polyurethane Wire Screen Media – More cost efficient and longer lasting alternative to conventional wire screens or polyurethane screens
  • Dur-Elast® Screens – Available in a variety of sizes and compounds to suit your needs
  • Light Duty Screens – Lightweight screens that are reinforced with steel tensioning cable
  • Linaclad Screen – Can support heavy loads and are easily modified to suit your needs.  They are extremely efficient and have a long wear life
  • Retrofit Screen Media – Extended wear life with an open-cast thermoset urethane vs. injection molding
  • Snapdeck® 2000 Modular Screen – Designed with an easy snap attachment system and provides up to a 40% improvement in thoroughfare in an open area
  • Snapdeck® Classic Modular Screen – Made with self cleaning rubber to reduce blinding and plugging.  They have superior abrasion resistance and are excellent for wet applications with openings smaller than 4 inches.  They can also be used in dry, high-impact applications with  wear resistant screens that have openings 3/8” or larger (9.525 mm +)
  • Ultraflex Screens – Perfect for sticking problems and high moisture applications.  They reduce downtime, carry-over, increase throughput, and contamination issues
  • Vulcan Rubber Screen – Decreases noise, prevents plugging, and increases wear life.  Each one can be customized to suit your application

Wire and Hybrid Screen Media

  • Accuslot Wire Screen Media – Used to process crushed stone, high moisture materials, and sand and gravel.  They are highly productive and greatly minimize the passing of chips and slivers
  • Livewire Screen Media – Available in many slot types and sizes.  It is designed to decrease your maintenance costs and have increased wear resistance
  • Vibrascan Wire Screening Media – Offers the greatest throughput for any wire screen.  Available in many sizes, configurations, and construction materials.  This screen is easy to install and has a long product life
  • Wire Screen Media – Strong and durable screen designed for long wear life to reduce your downtime and operating costs