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Looking for a Specific Type of Pump?

Looking for a Specific Type of Pump?


Patterson’s wastewater H20 Works ™ municipal pumps help to convert wastewater into a valuable resource. They are designed to move sewage, sludge, and dirty water—all while remaining unclogged and staying efficient year after year. The following pumps are included in the H20 Works ™ lineup:

  • Type “F” Sewage Pumps
  • The Forceline® NCS Series
  • Multi-Purpose Vertical Turbine Pumps
  • Axial and Mixed Flow

Fire Pumps

Patterson’s Sentinel™ Series Fire Suppression Pumps offer reliable, efficient, and self-contained systems. Each unit is built with the ability to perform under the toughest of circumstances. They come in several configurations, including:

  • Horizontal Split Case Fire Pumps
  • Vertical In-Line Fire Pumps
  • Vertical Turbine Fire Pumps
  • Two-Stage (HSC) DMD Fire Pumps
  • End Suction Fire Pumps
  • Pre-Pac® Fire Pump Systems

Plumbing Packages

Patterson’s AquaFlo Control™ Plumbing Systems work for many different needs. Greenfield and mixed-use projects, light industrial sites, high-density construction and high-rise conversions and up-fits are all regularly demanding a more reliable water supply. Plumbing contractors worldwide are meeting these demands with AquaFloPac™ pre-engineered systems. They include the following:

  • Standard Plumbing Systems
  • High Head Solutions
  • Aqua FloPac™ Booster Packages
  • CloudState™ Real Time Booster Package Monitoring