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Looking for a Specific Type of Pump?

Looking for a Specific Type of Pump?

3P Prinz is one of the worldwide leaders in pump manufacturing. They engineer products and utilize innovative technology to support their customers throughout the globe. 3P Prinz is the parent company for Pompe 3P, which produces hollow rotary disk and gear pumps, and Pera-Prinz, which makes screw pumps.

Quality is of the utmost importance to the designers and manufacturing team at 3P Prinz. They don’t see buying a pump as a “one-time transaction,” but rather a long-term investment. They produce pumps and accessories that stand the test of time and perform with reliability and efficiency. At the same time, their pumps are cost effective and energy efficient, which saves you money over the long run.

3P Prinz is based out of Tuscany, Italy. They began by supplying Italy’s ecological, oil and gas refineries, petrochemical, ship building, food and chemical industries. Their success is built on customer satisfaction and exceptional products.

These industries along with others have continued to utilize 3P Prinz pumps because of their proven reputation for quality. Each design is modular, meaning many parts are interchangeable and adaptable for a wide range of industrial applications. Each pump can be customized based on your specific needs, so that you get optimal performance. Documentation, training, service and certification are provided depending on your industry’s regulations. You can also special request noise level and vibration tests.


3P Prinz’s company history can be traced back to 1952, where they introduced the hollow-disk design pump that laid the foundation for the Pompe 3P brand. Today, they have more than 12,000 pumps installed in facilities and on work sites throughout the world.

Health & Safety

3P Prinz is dedicated to having a safer workplace for its employees, as well as for the employees of their clients using these pump products. In addition, protecting the environment is also a major concern. That’s what led them to create the Health-Safety-Environment (HSE) Manual to cover all safety procedures, operating instructions and instrumentation. This helps improve on-site performance and minimize safety hazards.


Oil & Gas

Because this industry is very demanding for pumps, 3P Prinz’s pump reliability and energy-efficient performance are crucial in this field. From abrasive and corrosive media to solvents, oil, acids and solids, 3P Prinz pumps and auxiliary accessories are proven effective for a number of key applications. All pumps and accessories are compatible with local regulations, ambient temperatures and geographic specifications. Pumps are available in a variety of materials including cast iron, carbon steel, hastelloy, titanium, duplex/super duplex and stainless steel.

Chemical & Petrochemical

The petrochemical and chemical industries generally need to convey a large range of media, from corrosive liquids and abrasive solvents to resin, fertilizers, acids and adhesives. 3P Prinz has the right solutions for these industrial needs.

Marine & Ship Building

There’s no denying how important pumps are to operating marine vessels. Different liquid, air and vacuum pumps are needed for various applications. 3P Prinz pumps are durable and stand up to the demands of marine vessel operation. Each pump is manufactured with special materials to prevent ocean water and salty air from corroding the metal. This adds durability and is better for the surrounding environment. Applications include engine oil, cooling, bilge and ballast pumping.

Food & Beverage

Many food and beverage industry clients turn to 3P Prinz for pump solutions to handle fats, sugar, chocolate, vegetable oils and other types of oils used for production and processing. Media can range from clear to creamy to solid food waste that needs to be conveyed.

Pulp & Paper

Several chemicals are used in processing pulp, which leads to high rates of corrosion and erosion inside the pump. 3P Prinz produces pumps specifically designed to handle these demands and stand up to these corrosive chemicals. This way you have longer operation with minimal maintenance costs.


3P Prinz and its brands, Pompe 3P and Pera-Prinz, are known for exceptional pumps and auxiliary accessories to serve a wide variety of industries and specific applications. With interchangeable parts and high-grade materials, they are built to be customizable and to provide higher standards of performance over time.

Hollow Rotary Disk Pumps

These pumps are self-priming and don’t require any auxiliary devices to operate. The elasticity of the disk and thermal expansions, solid particles in fluids are allowed to pass through. A constant capacity is maintained while the pump operates in reverse rotation at low speeds.

3P Prinz Hollow Rotary Disk Pumps Available:

  • M Series – Single impeller for medium-to-high viscosity liquids
  • D Series – Two impellers for use with piping, valves and fittings
  • Vane Series – Ideal for loading/unloading of tanks
  • DN/CN/MN Series – Two impellers with external bearings for fields with special plant requirements
  • Turbik Series – Designed for liquids with low-to-medium viscosity from tanks, barrels or vessels

Rotary Vane Pumps

3P Prinz rotary vane pumps are positive displacement pumps. They can handle a wide range of viscosities and compensate for wear. They are self priming with a high suction lift rate. Fluids are pumped forward between the impeller, the vanes and the body, with the impeller rotating eccentrically. Maintenance is minimal because these pumps are built to last. The pump body and rotar are made of cast iron and the vanes lubricate themselves. 3P Prinz rotary vane pumps are known to provide higher flow rates than other pumps on the market at comparable sizes and operating speeds. They can be powered by hydraulic motor, electric motor or diesel engine.

3P Prinz Rotary Vane Pumps Are Available in 3 Models:

  • CN40
  • CN50
  • CN60

Gear Pumps

These pumps have a unique advantage compared to traditional positive displacement pumps. With no pulses, the result is better flow repetition. The god suction capacity is also great. However, they are not designed to handle fluids with any solids in suspension. They are meant for normal-to-high viscosity liquids.

3P Prinz Gear Pumps Available:

  • PQ-MB Monoblock – Compact pump for oils, diesel, naphta and other lubricating fluids
  • PQ-PB Foot-Mounted – Ideal for petrochemical, food and detergent production, and pharmaceutical industries
  • PQ-CR Foot-Mounted– Includes heating jacket for special applications
  • DOS Metering– Best when high-metering precision is required at a constant speed

Pera-Prinz Screw Pumps

Pera-Prinz produces screw pumps that are positive displacement with external support. They operate with one or two pairs of screws turning without contact. This produces, constant pulsation, free flow and a high suction capacity. This leads to a very low NPSH rate.

Pera-Prinze Screw Pumps Available:

  • HD Series – Two paris of screws for high-viscosity liquids
  • HM Series – One pair of screws for high-viscosity liquids
  • FMH Series – Built with high ease of disassembly and easy maintenance access for food/beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical industries


3P Prinz offers support services through Factory Authorized Service Centres (FASE). This provides better on-site support and training to customers. Multiple FASE locations are available worldwide. 3P Prinz also offers genuine spare parts, built to be easily interchangeable with their pump models. They are easy to order and quick to deliver (within 48 hours worldwide), so you have minimal downtime if replacement parts are needed.


At DXP Cortech, we’re excited to work with manufacturers like 3P Prinz and their exceptional product lines, Pera-Prinz and Pompe 3P. They produce exceptional pumps and auxiliary accessories that we’ve been able to utilize in many of our engineering projects in a variety of industries like oil and gas, pulp and paper, marine and ship building, and chemical and petrochemical. We know we can count on their pumps to be energy efficient, easy to maintain and long lasting for our valued clients.

If you want to know more about 3P Prinz and how their pumps can help your business, contact a DXP Cortech representative for more information. We can help you make the right decisions when purchasing a new 3P Prinz pump or customizing it for your specific industrial applications.