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Looking for a Specific Type of Pump?

Looking for a Specific Type of Pump?

Since 1978, PumpWorks has been a leader in providing high quality, industrial pumps. Known for their ANSI and API 610 lines, Pumpworks has crafted pumps with short lead times and all exceed all B73.1-2012 requirements. Plus, all their products are manufactured and tested in the USA. What other manufacturers offer as options, PumpWorks provides as “standard”: features such as Carbon Steel wet ends, Carbon Steel Bearing Housings, 316 ss shafting, and flinger disc splash lubrication. PumpWorks pumps meet and. Regardless of your pump applications, Chemical, Pulp & Paper, Mining & Mineral, Food & Beverage, Water & Wastewater, Power Generation, Pharmaceutical or Oil & Gas, the PumpWorks ANSI and Industrial pump product line is capable of handling virtually any fluid processing application within its range.

ANSI & API 610 

All ANSI Process Pumps manufactured by PumpWorks are designed, built and tested in the USA to ANSI and ISO exacting standards. High strength carbon steel liquid end and frame adapter material, additional casing thickness and up graded bearing lubrication for increased bearing life are just a few no charge features considered extra from other manufacturers. Unique circular casing and radial vane impeller provides stable operation at low flow ANSI conditions. Coupled with a fully staffed professional sales and service teams and inventory strategically located throughout the Northern Hemisphere insures consistent, rapid shipment tailored to customer specification requirements.


PumpWorks Industrial offers three main types of process pumps that cover a virtually unlimited variety of applications. PumpWorks Industrial manufactures these pumps to ensure they have something for everyone because their top priority is their customers. A company who puts customers first is one that DXP Cortech wants to represent. DXP Cortech offers all ANSI process pumps by PumpWorks Industrial because together, customers are satisfied beyond their highest expectations. But besides that, what is it about an ANSI process pump that makes it the right pump for you? Here are the three pumps and their attributes to give you a glimpse at their superiority:

ANSI Process Pump Model PWA

The PWA has a high strength carbon steel liquid end and is built with corrosive resistant materials to keep it from deteriorating while pumping even the harshest of substances. ANSI B 73.1 bearing life specifications are exceeded because of our innovative design for the shaft and bearing system. In addition, a flinger disk lubrication device is installed to automatically lubricate the bearings which increases their lifespan to save you on maintenance costs and new parts. The pump is backed by a five-year bearing frame warranty to prove our commitment to our customers and our trust in our products.

ANSI Low Flow Horizontal Process Pump Model PWA-LF

DXP Cortech is pleased to offer the ANSI Low Flow Horizontal Process Pump. This tried-and-tested pump is sure to satisfy even the harshest of critics in their toughest applications.

The pump is manufactured with a low flow design and matched circular casing. The radial impeller coupled with the circular casing allows for unmatched low flow stability during operation. In addition, the impeller is equipped with balance holes to reduce the thrust load on the bearings. This ensures the bearings last longer than normal while also increasing the seal life. These qualities help to save the user in maintenance and spare parts costs. The entire bearing system is made of 316 stainless steel to make applications using corrosive material simple for this pump.

In addition to the many qualities of the PWA, the PWA-LF is able to produce low flow stability through the use of a circular casing that is matched with an accurately machined discharge channel. It also makes use of a radial impeller to maintain increased stability. The impeller is equipped with balance holes to reduce the thrust load on the bearings adding another layer of protection to increase their life.

Horizontal Self Priming Process Pump Model PWA-SP

Equipped with the same great qualities and features as the PWA, the PWA-SP is unique in that is does not require any external priming devices. The PWA-SP has what is called a single component casing with primer and an air removal chamber. This all-in-one device makes purchasing and setup of a new pump simple and easy.


DXP Cortech is proud to have PumpWorks as a manufacturing and consultation partner and for many projects we have worked on in a number of different industries and applications all around the world. Their innovative designs and quality parts have really made a difference for many of our valued customers. Our support staff at DXP Cortech is happy to help you with any questions you may have about PumpWorks products as they might relate to your chemical, pulp & paper, mining & mineral, food & beverage, water & wastewater, pharmaceutical or oil & gas applications.

If there is any way we can help put PumpWorks products to work for you, we would love to be of service.