Optimize Efficiency with the Cavex® Dewatering Hydrocyclone Pump

Dewatering can be a challenging pump application. You are usually dealing with solids that can clog pump lines and create problems for your operation. Weir Minerals has revolutionized the dewatering process with the Cavex® line of dewatering hydrocyclone pumps. These pumps provide exceptional efficiency despite creating high-density underflow discharge rates.
The Power of the Fishtail
The secret to the design of Cavex® dewatering hydrocyclones is the innovative discharge regulator, which Weir calls the “fishtail.” The fishtail is a brilliant component fitted below the spigot on the underflow. Coarser solids are sent to the spigot and the fishtail effectively controls the discharge rate of the solids.
A partial vacuum is created on the fishtail by an extended overflow pipe. This forces the fishtail to close and trap clays, silts and water. Once the material weight is sufficient enough to overcome the vacuum, the fishtail will open up and discharge the solids as desired. When there are no solids running through the hydrocyclone, the fishtail allows for only a small amount of water to be discharged. This prevents your stockpiled materials from being washed away. This all adds up to higher density overflow results and outstanding overall dewatering performance. The overflow density can also be easily adjusted with a special syphon control valve.
Advantages of Cavex® Dewatering Hydrocyclones
Another major advantage of Cavex® dewatering hydrocyclone pumps is that they are smaller in design than most other dewatering pumps. This provides great versatility with the ability to mount them on high structures or over bins with screen decks.
Here are some of the most common dewatering applications for which the Cavex® dewatering hydrocyclone pump is ideal:

  • Iron Ore Processing
  • Dewatering of Mine Tailings
  • Coal Fines & Refuse Dewatering
  • Desliming
  • Concentrate Dewatering
  • Mill Scale Recovery & Dewatering
  • Sand Washing & Dewatering
  • Crushed Stone Screening Dewatering
  • Degritting Wastewater Effluents
  • Heavy Mineral Processing
  • Granulated Slag Dewatering

Product Options and Support
Cavex® dewatering hydrocyclones are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 150 mm up to 700 mm, and they are backed by the global Weir Mineral Services network. This gives you expert support and maintenance anywhere in the world.
We’d be happy to tell you more about the capabilities of these amazing devices and help you configure the ideal dewatering pump system for your specific application. To learn more about Weir Minerals products, including the Cavex® line of dewatering hydrocyclone pumps, contact Cortech DXP today. Call us or visit our website for more information.