Flex-A-Seal: The World’s Only Split Seal Cartridge

Flex-A-Seal is known throughout the world as a leading manufacturer of mechanical seals and sealing accessories. At Cortech Engineering, we are proud to be a sales representative for the Flex-A-Seal brand. Over the years, we’ve helped many of our clients get the most out of their equipment in a variety of industrial, municipal and commercial […]

Cortech is Now a Flex-A-Seal Distributor!

We’re excited to announce that Cortech Engineering has signed on to become a Flex-A-Seal distributor. Flex-A-Seal is yet another great manufacturer that we are proud to partner with, and we look forward to sharing their excellent sealing products with all our valued clients.   About Flex-A-Seal Flex-A-Seal, Inc. first started in 1983. They began as […]

The Latest from Milton Roy

For quite some time, Milton Roy has been a leading product partner with Cortech Engineering. They are known for their high-quality pumps and accessories, and have had some new and exciting things already happen in 2017. In terms of their company marketing, Milton Roy recently upgraded and redesigned their website (miltonroy.com). It is built on […]

How One LACT Unit on One Pad Can Handle Up to 6 Wells without Contamination

Our parent company, DXP, recently published an article about Lease Automatic Custody Transfer (LACT) units and how their systems can help reduce customer costs when it comes to running and maintaining them. Most LACT units pump oil from a storage tank. It runs through a charge pump and then passes through a BS&W (Basic Sediment […]

Nomad: The Expert in Diaphragm Pumps

Nomad, a worldwide company, is best known for their simple and cost-effective gear pumps and accessories. Headquartered in California, they are the world’s largest provider of aftermarket diaphragm pump and pump products. Their motto, “No Boundaries,” is exemplified through their innovative spirit. Their commitment to quality and innovation in every product release helps to push […]

Sundyne Launches PPI Diaphragm Compressor

Cortech Engineering is excited to announce that we are now selling and installing Sundyne’s newest product—the PPI Diaphragm Compressor. In 2014 Sundyne acquired Pressure Products Industries, which broadly expands their compressor offerings. Cortech’s customers in both Southern California and Bakersfield, California will benefit greatly from these new offerings. Read more info here…

Sundyne Launches New LMV 803Lr

Cortech Engineering is excited to announce that we are now carrying and installing Sundyne’s most recent launch—the LMV-803Lr, a new centrifugal pump. This latest addition to Sundyne’s ever-growing list of technologically advanced pumps will bring our clients in Southern California and Bakersfield, California much needed relief from their current pump problems. For the last 50 […]

Sundyne Launches LMV-801s

Cortech Engineering is exited to announce that we are now carrying Sundyne’s newest LMV model—the 801s. This pump offers our clients in Southern California and Bakersfield, California some exceptional benefits. Sundyne recently launched its new LMV-801s, a vertical, low flow, and sealless magnetic drive pump. The range includes pumps based on the HMD Kontro GS […]

Better Pump Efficiency Tips: Part 2

Previously, we looked at a few tips for keeping your pumps and applications working as efficiently as possible. These tips were thanks to our friends over at Pumps & Systems. Today, we are going to look at the final five tips to making sure your pumps are working as efficiently as they possibly can be. […]

Better Pump Efficiency Tips: Part 1

We always want to make things more efficient. We want them to work faster, cost less, and be better for the environment. If this is how you want your business to be running, one of the best things you can do to ensure this is be sure that all of your pumps are as efficient […]